Fire, Smoke and ashes can well define what our atmosphere has been experiencing for the last month or more.  Maybe now that we have had a brief downpour last night we will be able to see a clear sky again.  And whats the cause of this.  Wildfire.  Wildfire caused by any number of things.  The biggest and worst of these wildfires have been caused by lightning strikes.  Dry lighting strikes, lightning strikes with no rain to quench the fire.  Other causes are gasoline powered engines with faulty spark arrestors or in one recent case dragging safety chains on a horse trailer.  This particular instance caused 85 acres of grass and forest land to be burned.  This land had been planted some 25 years ago in beautiful cedar which is now a darkened mess.  The largest of our fires have reached 50,000 and 85,000  acres.  One of these has caused the loss of 72 homes.

Thank you to all the brave firefighters and especially to the wonderful local volunteer fire fighters.